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Well implemented control techniques

Eurotherm Process Automation provides an efficient, well implemented control technique capable of reducing operating and pumping costs whilst providing resources for greater flexibility in plant management and control.

Process systems using water such as boilers and water treatment plants must be designed to operate efficiently whilst responding to any changes in demand. In these processes, water is generally lost in the recirculation by evaporation, drift, blowdown or leakage.

The illustrated control loop uses a PID control module to regulate the total water flow in the recirculation system by adding make-up water to the circulated water.

The circulated water flow in the plant is measured, linearized within the control module and compared with the required total flow setpoint. The resultant value is then used as a setpoint for the make-up water flow control loop.

Make-up water control provides:

  • Plant efficiency
  • Faster return to optimal operating levels
  • Substantial savings on operating costs

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