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Eurotherm Releases New Series of Isolating Signal Conditioning Modules and Limit Alarms

Original Press Release: 25 June, 2004

Eurotherm, a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial instrumentation for the process control and data acquisition industries announces the release of Ultra SlimPak II, a new series of Isolating Signal Conditioning Modules and Limit Alarms from Action Instruments.

“This is an exciting new product for us”, says Jim Overturf, VP of Marketing, “because of features not found before in traditional signal conditioners”.

The Ultra SlimPak II offers improved accuracy and stability. The “Smart Power” feature adjusts its output voltage and power, depending on the power output required to drive the current load. Each Ultra SlimPak II can be configured locally using switches to select the input / output range and has push-button calibration. All modules have removable terminal blocks for easy installation and are DIN rail mountable with small footprints. The built in power bus reduces wiring costs and allows 32 units to be mounted together. As a bonus Ultra SlimPak II has web viewing capability allowing process data to be viewed over the intranet.

Isolating signal conditioning modules are available for DC current and voltage, RTD, thermocouple, potentiometer, strain gauge, AC current, voltage and frequency signals. The limit alarm modules are available for DC current and voltage, RTD, thermocouple and AC current and voltage and include latching and non-latching devices. The input accuracy of each model is improved over the original Ultra SlimPak. The output accuracy of each signal conditioning module is +/- 0.05%, with a stability spec of +/- 100ppm/ºC (+/- 0.01%). All ranges are completely user configurable, with approximately 95% adjustability for zero and span. The output ranges of all three modules are fully adjustable within the output voltage range of 0-10V and current output range of 0-20mA.

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