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Eurotherm Introduces a New 1/4 DIN Controller with an Amp-Meter and Text Displays

Original Press Release:March 22, 2005

Eurotherm, a leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial instrumentation for the process control and data acquisition industries has launched a new model 3204 that has been designed to make life easier on users and machine builders all over the world.

The 3204 has a text display, high accuracy input, 5 on-board process recipes (48 parameters per recipe), Eurotherm’s patented “Instant Accuracy”® system and an optional Amp-meter display from a CT input. The text display makes it easy for anyone to use or configure the controller. If a user scrolls to a parameter and waits for a few seconds, the text display begins scrolling in marquee fashion. The controller then displays a description of that parameter in plain English (Spanish, French, German languages are also available). Ordering, configuration and maintenance have been simplified to the use of two 5-digit codes that completely specifies the functionality and configuration for the model 3204.

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