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Heat Treatment – Simulation of Ultra High temperature Furnaces

Company: Production and research of high tech furnace systems for production of boron nitride crucibles and carbon nanotubes

Industry: Heat Treatment

Customer Stream: End User

Project / Application: Cloud-based simulation of ultra-high temperature furnaces

Customer Challenge: Cost effective simulation of a high-temperature furnace

Features, Solutions & Services Provided:

  • Deal with the complex interdependencies of electrical heating, heat transfer, and fluid motion
  • E+PLC400 Combination PLC and EPack™ 3-Phase Power Controller

Customer Benefits:

  • The company can better understand how the temperature field and the flow of inert gases vary within their furnaces, without the costs of running a 3,000ºC oven

Additional Information:

  • The E+PLC400 Combination PLC is utilized as a simulation device for complicated processes
  • Associated Equipment: Open-source simulation software ‘FOAM’

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