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Our Thyristor products and fuel control devices

Eurotherm are a principle supplier of control systems for heat treatment energy applications and have a global reputation for innovative fossil fuel and electrical energy delivery solutions.

Our extensive range of thyristor products and fuel control devices is supported by control algorithms and energy software solutions, which bring benefits across the whole business for the efficient use and management of energy.

Thyristor products

Robust design for heat treatment and furnace applications. Complete range of single, dual and three phase devices from 10 Amps to 10,000 Amps. Suitable for firing into all furnace and oven heater materials including:

  • Standard resistive materials
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Molybdenum Di-Silicide
  • Graphite
  • Molybdenum and Tungsten Wire
  • Shortwave Infrared lamps and Quartz tubes
  • Transformer coupled loads including Scott wound and unbalanced transformers

Built for control system integration with features including:

  • Inbuilt alarms with supply and load protection.
  • Alarms for system and heater element diagnosis
  • Digital communications
  • Routines for power sharing and load shedding

Please contact Eurotherm for more information on firing modes and the use of thyristors with specific heater materials.

Energy management

A selection of energy monitoring and management features and capabilities:

  • Single and three phase electrical power, plant monitoring solutions
  • Gas usage and fuel flow monitoring
  • Batch process energy profiling
  • Furnace and batch process energy consumption recording
  • Management software systems for energy recording and reporting
  • Furnace energy optimization routines
  • Electrical power maximum demand avoidance solutions
  • Furnace electrical load sharing techniques


Fossil fuel control systems

An extensive range of control strategies and algorithms including:

  • Simple On-off and high low fuel control
  • Bounded and boundless fuel valve control algorithms
  • Simple fuel-air ratio systems
  • Special dual fuel-air with excess air trim ratio control systems
  • Specialist burner control algorithms
  • Single and multi zone pulse burner control systems
  • Lead-Lag fuel control systems

Please contact Eurotherm for more information on the efficient use and management of energy.

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