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The 3500 is a fully programmable controller suitable for stoichiometric combustion control in glass applications.

It is capable of being used solely to control the Lambda potential of the furnace, or as an integrated controller where this variable is controlled in conjunction with temperature.

Additional features provide maths and combined logic functions.

At the heart of the controller is a specially designed function block capable of accepting most zirconia probes. Standard features include an automatic probe cleaning routine diagnostics indicating that the probe is about to fail and should be replaced.

For standard solutions controllers can be configured with features and user screens as described in this application note.

User customisation can be achieved by reconfiguring the unit either via the front panel or the comprehensive PC based Eurotherm® iTools. A complete data sheet on the dual loop version of the 3500 is available HA029045.

Zirconia input

  • Compatible with most zirconia probes
  • Oxygen
  • Probe impedance monitoring

The 3508/04 can interface directly to most commonly available zirconia probes including STG Cottbus, Barber-Colman, Drayton, SSI, Marathon and Bosch Lambda.

The zirconia probe input can be configured to measure oxygen making the 3500 ideal for applications such as glass furnaces.

Diagnostic facilities are also included. Continuous measurement of probe impedance ensures optimum furnace operation.

Application blocks and graphical wiring editor

  • Mathematical calculations
  • Combination logic
  • Real Time Clock
  • Timing Functions

Operators include; Add, Subtract, Log, Exp, SQRT, AND, OR, Max, Min, Select and many more.

Application blocks enable the user to create custom solutions by internally wiring analogue and digital operations together in flexible ways. Up to 250 soft wired connections are available to produce intelligent control strategies. Other functions are available including timers, totalisers and a real time clock.

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