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Company: Energy saving solutions company

Industry: Energy

Customer Group: OEM

Project / Application: Gateway / data acquisition / valve control

Customer Challenge: Reassemble the information and control the installation (regulations and control / command)

Features, Solutions & Services Provided:
  • Automation and precision control
  • Real time display, instructions entry
  • Transmission of data via modem
  • Product delivery and programming support

Customer Benefits:

  • Reduced overall costs (control and data recording in a single solution)
  • One programming software

Additional Information:

  • The company is an OEM that offers data acquisition systems for performance analyses to reduce the consumption of its customer subscribers
  • Several projects have been ordered based on E+PLC100 Combination PLC and E+PLC400 Combination PLC
  • The E+HMI150 Panel allows local supervision of the installation

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