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To control precisely you need to measure accurately

Unlike traditional PLCs, E+PLC analog input and output modules offer similar accuracy specifications to our highly respected Eurotherm discrete controller and PAC ranges.

Designed to withstand the challenging conditions of heavy industrial environments, accurate I/O helps to minimize control oscillations and enable tighter control to setpoints within tolerance. The result is high stability repeatable control that aids process optimization and regulatory compliance.

  • Measurements accurate to 0.1% of span
  • High rejection to industrial electrical noise
  • Fast acting cold junction temperature compensation for thermocouples
  • Accurate linearization for industry standard thermocouples, resistance thermometers and other sensors
  • Accuracy that meets the measurement requirements of Heat Treatment standards AMS2750 and CQI-9

“Eurotherm group companies are our preferred supplier of discrete control and recording products but in the past we combined these with third party PLCs.
We carried out controlled testing to compare the PID control performance of the E+PLC400 product with the discrete controllers. The results were identical, far out performing the standard PID control typically available in traditional PLCs. The E+PLC400 combination PLC is now our preferred solution.”

System Integration Engineer

Eurotherm Standard Library Function Blocks Include:

✓ Scaling, linearization, error handling, filtering calibration and override features for mA, RTD, TC and Voltage inputs

✓ Signal conditioning – temperature and electrical signal conversions, offsets, threshold limit overrides, scaling, filtering

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