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Creating Views on to the Process

E+PLC provides embedded visualization which enables dynamic diagnostics of application programs together with concurrent development of the final process. Contained within a single programming environment, process displays are easily created for use where and when you need them. The same process displays are also available in HTML5 format for use on other HMIs.

  • Efficient engineering in a single programming environment with automatic tag browsing
  • Dynamic program diagnostics
  • Extensive, configurable graphics libraries
  • Integrated local HMI on E+PLC100
  • Connect up to two E+HMI150 operator panels to E+PLC400
  • HTML5 web server for remote access from mobile devices such as tablets and Smart phones

E+HMI150 Operator Panels – Integrated with the Process

E+HMI150 touch screen operator interface panels are available in 7″ and 13″ models for local or remote monitoring and operation of the process. Custom libraries allow OEMs, system integrators and end customers to create branded applications utilizing their own IP.

  • Powerful graphics capability
  • Easy creation of operator friendly interfaces from built in visualization elements and libraries • Custom libraries for OEM branding
  • TFT color touchscreen display
  • Slim design with mounting depth less than 50mm
  • Two Ethernet ports with integrated switch

Visualization Elements in Eurotherm Libraries Include:

✓ Setpoint Program Editor and Profiler

✓ PID Faceplate

✓ Runtime Display Data with Historical Trend

✓ Steel Specification Faceplate, Carbon Diffusion Profiler and Carbon Diffusion Faceplate, for heat treatment applications

✓ Vacuum Faceplate

✓ Keyboard Library with keypads

“The visualization libraries in CODESYS IDE gave us the customization we needed to create our own screens and promote our brand.”

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