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Easily Integrated Power Control

Eurotherm EPack™ and EPower™ ranges provide advanced strategies that help to minimize energy usage in high energy processes. Modbus TCP communications allow connectivity to the E+PLC network, while in-built EPower and EPack address registers selected from the E+PLC Modbus library allow quick and easy integration with the E+PLC platform.

Eurotherm Modbus Library Function Blocks Include:

✓ EPack and EPower Energy Consumption

✓ EPower Channel – for single, two-leg 3-phase, and 3-phase control strategies

✓ EPower PLM – for Predictive Load Management

✓ EPower Alarm Management

Eurotherm Power Controllers

  • Suitable for 1, 2, or 3 phase systems
  • QuickStart setup, and advanced configuration using Graphical Wiring Editor
  • Advanced firing modes help improve power factor for optimum energy efficiency
  • Energy usage data available such as true power, apparent power and power factor for reporting KPIs

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EPack Compact Power Controllers

  • Compact design ideal for smaller cabinets
  • Highly adaptable via flexible software upgrades
  • DIN rail and bulkhead mounting
  • For applications up to 125A, 500V

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EPower Advanced Power Controllers

  • Predictive Load Management and load shedding technologies reduce the risk of peak energy fines, by helping to keep the plant within its agreed energy tariff.
  • Automatic transformer load tap changing strategy for smooth power control with reduced maintenance.
  • For applications up to 630A, 690V

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Energy Efficient Motor Drives

Eurotherm offers an extensive range of AC drives, soft starters and DC drives to suit a wide range of applications. Easy configuration, installation, and operation are featured throughout the ranges along with flexible programming and high accuracy performance.

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