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Eurotherm Customer Comments

Eurotherm turned 50 on 29th June 2015, to celebrate we are documenting the history of the company in this timeline.


101 controllers still in service after 50 years

Doug Handyside from Metaltech Ltd sent in these photos of his Eurotherm 101 controllers, which have been in service since the early 70s on small and medium size tempering furnaces.

Doug also still uses some Eurotherm hand outs received in the 80s, so even our givaways stand the test of time!

Processing advanced heatingcurves with Eurotherm

Daan Visser from Wizzo sent in an example of Eurotherm controllers being used in furnace control applications.

Wizzo use Eurotherm PID controllers to execute advanced heating curves, a graphical interface based on LabVIEW is often the wish of our clients. Wizzo has, in the past years, developed many software applications in projects with Eurotherm controllers.

With these software applications the user is able to have full control from a Windows desktop environment. Not only can the controller be fully controlled, the process values of the Eurotherm controller can be read out and logged into a file.

The combination of Eurotherm and LabVIEW is a strong tool Wizzo developers often use. The standalone controller and the graphical possibilities of LabVIEW is a successful pair for a wide range of applications.


Critical process parameter monitoring

Oscar Arenz from Modderkolk sent in this photo from the MMC Eindhoven en Veldhoven hospital, where critical process parameters (conditions inside room) of 17 operating rooms are being monitored and recorded using the versadac.

Programming Expertise

Delmeco use a Eurotherm 3206 to control the process of creating climate casing used in material testing.

Mark Ovaa sent in this image of the 3206 in action controlling the heating and cooling process.


Reproducible batch-to-batch performance

David Jordan from Profile Automation sent in the details of their tablet coating machine, which uses T2550 and Eycon products.

Profile Automation has a long history of working with the pharmaceutical industry and has drawn on the experience of many of the industry’s most respected film coating specialists to create a laboratory scale side-vented coater – the Pilot XT.

The unit is capable of coating small-scale batches of tablets with realistic compaction profiles and good scale-up capability.

Accurate process parameter control was fundamental in of the design of the Pilot XT in order to facilitate reproducible batch-to-batch performance. The exceptional control of critical process parameters has been achieved by the use of a Eurotherm custom tuned 2550 controller and an Eycon 10 touch screen display. The system was developed in July 2007 and has been sold throughout Europe including Greece, Spain, France and the United Kingdom.

“It’s what I call quality and reliability”

These images were sent in by Leif Ringdahl from 3M Vastervik, the first shows the Eurotherm Sweden team in 1997 on the company Christmas card, the second shows a number of controllers including a model 815 that has been mounted since 1991 and is still used continuously.

Leif descibes his relationship witrh Eurotherm:

“My first contact with Eurotherm was in 1989 and it was Bengt-Åke Larsson who solved my first case about 815 controllers. Since then I’ve gotten to know many of your employees including Eva Larsson, Karl Nordgren, Torgny Max Johansen, Ulf Malmberg, Björn Lindqvist, Thomas Orregård, Torbjörn Blomdahl, Lars Madell, and Johan Eklund, who through thick and thin shown an exemplary and professional manner.

“My great sidekick over the years has been Thomas Johansson (now Orregård), he is really a rock that managed to solve all the cases and problems in a superb manner, and succeeded in producing devices quickly when needed.

“I can mention also that of the approximately 200 different units, mostly controllers and printers, I’ve bought over the years, none have failed during operation causing scrap or other problems, it’s what I call quality and reliability.

“Can I can recommend Eurotherm? ABSOLUTELY! Will I continue my collaboration with Eurotherm? YEP!”


TCS 6000 Series still in service after 25+ years

Magnus Ehbenholtz from vinyl flooring manufacturer Tarkett AB in Sweden sent in these images of their TCS Series 6000 instumentation.

The products are used to control the dosing of granules together with belt scales. These granules are then distributed evenly on a steel strip passing into an oven which is the beginning of a finished product. The finished product is a homogeneous mat called Eminent and Granit. The floor is used mostly in public environment as malls and hospitals.

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