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Adaptable power control for electrical heating applications

EPack™ compact power controllers

Designed for fast integration and optimum efficiency

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Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators need to be able to react quickly to customer needs while maximizing resources. Whether replacing an existing product or building a new process, the design of the EPack power controller has been carefully considered for fast and easy panel installation, commissioning and integration into wider systems, while lowering equipment costs and manufacturing times for you and your customers.

OEMs: adapt quickly to your customers’ challenges and maintain your competitive edge

A range of power controllers designed by engineers, for engineers

“Within the semiconductor fab community… with fierce competition… ratcheting up efficiency efforts and taking a 20% to 30% bite out of annual energy costs can offer competitive advantage and improve profit margins”.

Source: Mckinsey-Bringing energy efficiency to the fab

Semiconductor fabrication owners need visibility into how energy is used throughout the fab plant if they are going to accomplish their energy reduction goals. Eurotherm contributes through improved power control performance, helping machine builders, fabs and foundries to meet these demands.

Energy performance

Accurate, repeatable, multi zone temperature control aids energy optimization
Heat cycle optimization reduces processing time
Specialized control algorithms and EtherCAT communication enable fast response to temperature disturbances with minimal overshoot

Power factor optimization

Advanced control and firing modes allow harmonic noise reduction and power factor optimization
Lower or eliminate power factor penalties on the energy bill

Energy usage diagnostics

EPack™ compact SCR power controllers offer monitoring and diagnostics for improving energy efficiency and up-time

Optimize production output

Numerical control aids precision and repeatability which allows the EPack controller to achieve greater thermal uniformity of wafers during heat/cool processing, for sustainable performance and durability.

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Reduce equipment costs and increase equipment efficiency

  • Save space through compact design, ideal for smaller cabinets
  • Save costs as fewer components, such as external switches and multiple I/O boards, are required
  • Improve OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) with real-time indicators for efficient monitoring of the process
  • Robust design for high reliability in demanding environments

Reduce integration time

  • Easy installation, commissioning and system upgrade
  • Fast selection and configuration options
  • Easy connection to PLCs, networked devices, and *Industry 4.0 / IIoT technologies via native comms for all major protocols
  • Easy operator set up with ‘Quick Start’ and simple cloning
  • Free comprehensive PC configuration tool (iTools)

Stand out from the competition

  • Cost effective flexible software
    • Adaptable to changing customer demands
    • Scalable digital upgrades available when required
  • Enhance and guard your brand
    • Unique tamper resistant option helps to guard OEM knowledge and expertise (IP)
    • Personalized fascias
    • Customizable configuration

World class certification

  • Certified to international industry standards
    • CE, cUL, CCC exempt, EAC & Pattern approval (single PH) (see data sheet for full details)
    • Adaptable to multiple markets

End Users: maximize your day-to-day operational efficiency for better profitability

Do you need to reduce your energy costs and improve productivity, while minimizing your stock holding?

End Users continually need to improve operational efficiency and productivity. EPack power controllers can deliver real savings, significantly reducing your energy costs. A compact size doesn’t compromise powerful features that minimize costs and improve productivity and quality: the flexibility to buy what you need now and adapt later. Get the best from your operations.

Improve quality, reduce scrap, and increase profits

  • Precise repeatable control minimizes waste, improves quality and increases yield
  • Reduce downtime and scrap with fast, meaningful diagnostics
  • Fast maintenance with removable connectors and external fuses
  • Simplify your supply chain with reduced stock holding due to minimal variants
  • See where quality and process improvements can be made with real-time data

Adaptable, scalable, digitized and compact

  • Compact with side by side mounting allow lower cost, smaller cabinets
  • Adapt easily and quickly to changing needs with flexible software upgrades
  • Grows with your business, only pay for what you need now

Save on energy usage and reduce your carbon footprint

Rates and penalties applied directly to electricity bills depend on the quality of the power factor.

  • The EPack controller has advanced firing modes, which can improve power factor. Choosing EPack could reduce your electricity bill by 5%*
  • Gather valuable data such as energy usage, true power, apparent power and power factor

The EPack range allows you to optimize a vast spectrum of industrial processes

EPack power controllers are ideal for OEMs, system integrators and End Users, offering easy integration and versatile features with the flexibility to buy what you need now and adapt later, plus the ability to significantly reduce energy bills.

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