Self healing Data Archiving with "Store and Forward"

"Store & Forward" is a self healing 21 CFR Part 11 archiving system that automatically stores data during a communications failure and then forwards this to the configured server when communications have been reinstated. 

This results in secure electronic recording with total data integrity.

Normal Operation

  • Process value and audit trail sent directly to Central Historian such as Eurotherm INSQL

Missing Data in Historian caused by

  • Communications failure
  • PC Failure
  • Historian Failure

Store, Forward and Backfill Action

  • Identify missing data period
  • Retrieve data from .UHH
  • Backfill the control Historian with missing data

T2550 PAC provides

  • Dual Redundant Data Acquisition
  • Secure .UHH created and stored at local level
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