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EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor aid quality compliance in heat treatment audits

Aerospace, automotive and defence component manufacturing

“I’d have given you anything for this yesterday”, was the immediate comment from a Eurotherm by Schneider Electric engineering customer on viewing a demonstration of EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor.

Just the day before, this Quality Engineer had suffered an embarrassing audit during which he discovered that not only had they misplaced some of the required calibration certificates, but also vital process data had not been archived.

The company is a manufacturer of components such as rivets, nuts and bolts for industries including Aerospace, Automotive and Defence. In these types of industries, components are often required to withstand extreme shock, G-force, vibration, or thermal stress and are required by law to meet stringent regulations like heat treatment standards AMS2750 and CQI-9.

Audits can be carried out by regulatory authorities or by customers, to check that the components are being made correctly and the manufacturing process data is being collected and stored in a compliant way. It was during two of these types of audit that the company had recently suffered some embarrassing issues.

The mystery of the missing calibration certificates

They knew the calibration had been carried out on the equipment but where were the paper certificates to prove it? On two separate occasions, the problem eventually turned out to be that they were simply misfiled. Too late for the audit!

The mystery of the missing data files

During one of the audits it was also found that some of the process data had not been archived to the on-site servers. Two months’ worth of files was simply missing. On investigation, the IT department had upgraded the servers, breaking the data collection process without notice.

With perfect timing, EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor demonstrated its capabilities to the operations and quality managers led by Eurotherm Heat Treatment Manager, Kevin Robinson and Business Development Manager, John Walker.

EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor

EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor is a unique online solution for managing calibration and accreditation information via a simple intuitive web interface. For easy auditing the calibration certificates can be quickly retrieved when required, and the plant overview shows which pieces of equipment are due for calibration and when. This useful tool allows maximum availability of the plant and meets compliance with standards such as Nadcap, AMS2750 and CQI-9.

Apart from the obvious benefits of 24/7 availability of all their data and calibration information, what they really liked about EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor was the fact it does not involve any software, eliminating the possibility of further IT mishaps. Zero maintenance and easy accessibility through a web browser combined with the total piece of mind brought by a reliable system made it a worthy investment.

We are looking forward to hearing about their next audit experience, which should be a much happier occasion.

Solutions and services provided

EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor and mobile application

Increase equipment efficiency

  • Compliance status overview anywhere at any time
  • Historic,/ current view for future planning
  • Instant access to certificates at instrument via QR code

Establish robust universal workflow 

  • Plan schedule deploy and report calibration automatically
  • Configure workflows for capture, validation, correction, and approval

Reduce risk of human error

  • Replace error-prone paper and Microsoft® Excel®-based processes
  • Mobile App aids repeatable, accurate, calibration to industry standards (ISO17025, AMS2750E, and GAMP)

Reduce operational costs 

  • Pay as you go with a subscription that grows with your business needs
  • Eliminate ongoing maintenance costs – no hardware or software installation means no updates or patches to worry about

Simplify your searches

  • Get real-time status reports across multiple sites
  • View data and retrieve documents by context – plant, site, equipment, instrument, and channel
  • Avoid unplanned down time searching for compliance documents with instant status

long term cloud service and storage 

  • Entrust your data to long-term cloud service and storage (50+ years) for audit and compliance
  • Rely on service that meets our Secure Development Life Cycle standard for cybersecurity

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