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EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor provides improved speed and visibility of calibration status

Aerospace parts manufacturing

It all started with a call to the Production Director of a company that manufactures parts for the aerospace industry. As Eurotherm Service Manager UK & Ireland, Param Chana describes it,  “I called him and told him I wanted to show him our exciting new tech”. So off he went with his demonstration tablet in hand, ready to show how  our mobile app works with our calibration and accreditation management solution EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor. During the demo the customer called in his Production Supervisor, Manager and Quality Manager and a very exciting meeting ensued.

“It’s a totally transparent system that gives us the confidence we are getting it right.”
Production Director, Aerospace Parts Manufacturer

The Problem

It turned out that they were not happy with the company who were carrying out the calibration of their equipment. They had recently made mistakes on some aspects of the onsite calibration and the calibration certification process took a long time and needed a lot of administration.

During calibration, the data was written on paper, typed into a digital document, printed on paper, and then sent to the customer, taking a week to turn-around and leaving a lot of room for human error.

The Solution

Our  mobile app can be installed on a tablet carried by our trained calibration engineers. On site, they simply enter the calibration data straight into the software and upload it to EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor, so the customer has the calibration certificate before the engineer even leaves the site. They can then access it anytime from anywhere for audit purposes, in the quality manager’s word’s “just click-and it’s there!”

A further benefit was that in the past, the equipment had to be called out of the system to carry out the calibration, causing some downtime in the manufacturing process. The new system turns the calibration process upside-down, so ownership of the calibration can lie with the people using the equipment.

The Value

The client realised they were not getting value for money from their calibration contractor and felt that there was more value in the Eurotherm offering because it is “a totally transparent system that gives us the confidence we are getting it right.”

They saw the application at work and EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor open-book approach to calibration planning, scheduling and management as an improvement investment, and the order was placed without delay.

Alongside the order for EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor, came a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for an engineering project to improve their overall process, telephone support, bonded spares, and an agreement to upgrade all  their controllers to Eurotherm for precision control of their processes in a stepped 3-year plan.

“Just click-and it’s there!”
Quality Manager, Aerospace Parts Manufacturer

Solutions and services provided

Increase equipment efficiency

  • Compliance status overview anywhere at any time
  • Historic,/ current view for future planning
  • Instant access to certificates at instrument via QR code

Establish robust universal workflow

  • Plan schedule deploy and report calibration automatically
  • Configure workflows for capture, validation, correction, and approval

Reduce risk of human error

  • Eradicate error-prone paper and Microsoft® Excel®-based processes
  • eCAT™ tablet App aids repeatable, accurate, calibration to industry standards (ISO17025, AMS2750E, and GAMP)

Reduce operational costs

  • Pay as you go with a subscription that grows with your business needs
  • Eliminate ongoing maintenance costs – no hardware or software installation means no updates or patches to worry about

Simplify your searches

  • Get real-time status reports across multiple sites
  • View data and retrieve documents by context – plant, site, equipment, instrument, and channel
  • Avoid unplanned down time searching for compliance documents with instant status

Secure, long term cloud service and storage

  • Entrust your data to secure long-term cloud service and storage (50+ years) for audit and compliance
  • Rely on service that meets our Secure Development Life Cycle standard for cybersecurity

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