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Ultra SlimPak II

DIN Rail Mount Signal Conditioners, Isolators, Alarms, & Power Supplies

The Ultra SlimPak II Series can function as traditional standalone limit alarms and isolators, or they can simultaneously be connected to your company’s intranet to monitor your signals via a standard browser when coupled with the optional WVC16 interface unit.

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Brand: Action Instruments
Product Code: Ultra SlimPak II
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File Name Size Updated
California Proposition 65 Warning Lead (IA033315U016_1) 376.25KiB 30/08/2018
Eurotherm Product Selection Guide (HA029395USA Issue 8) 1.66MiB 22/08/2017
Eurotherm Product Selection Guide (HA029395 Issue 8) 2.32MiB 15/08/2017
Ultra Slimpak II WVC16 Data Sheet (721-0812-00-H) 344.13KiB 21/04/2017
Ultra Slimpak II WV905 Data Sheet (721-0846-00-E) 312.29KiB 21/04/2017
Ultra Slimpak II WV478 Data Sheet (721-0806-00-I) 488.71KiB 21/04/2017
Ultra Slimpak II WV468 Data Sheet (721-0864-00-E) 513.81KiB 21/04/2017
Ultra Slimpak II WV448 Data Sheet (721-0862-00-F) 489.45KiB 21/04/2017
Ultra Slimpak II WV438 Data Sheet (721-0852-00-E) 510.45KiB 21/04/2017
Ultra Slimpak II WV428 Data Sheet (721-0805-00-L) 536.39KiB 21/04/2017
Ultra Slimpak II WV418 Data Sheet (721-0867-00-E) 516.54KiB 21/04/2017
Ultra Slimpak II WV408 Data Sheet (721-0804-00-J) 513.07KiB 21/04/2017
Ultra Slimpak II WV168 Data Sheet (721-0865-00-E) 580.65KiB 21/04/2017
Ultra Slimpak II WV128 Data Sheet (721-0859-00-E) 603.73KiB 21/04/2017
Ultra Slimpak II WV118 Data Sheet (721-0866-00-E) 499.58KiB 21/04/2017
Ultra Slimpak II WV108 Data Sheet (721-0860-00-E) 731.1KiB 21/04/2017
Ultra SlimPak II Declaration of Conformity (Iss 2), IA249986U877 786.86KiB 13/10/2016
Ultra SlimPak WV438 Installation/Calibration Instructions 181.95KiB 25/04/2016
Ultra SlimPak WV428 Installation/Calibration Instructions 153.11KiB 25/04/2016
Ultra SlimPak WV418 Installation/Calibration Instructions 189.48KiB 25/04/2016
Mechanical Details
Cut-out dimensions
Calibration via
Input Types
DC Volts/Current, RTD, mV, Thermocouple, Potentiometer, Strain Gauge, AC Volts/Current, Frequency
1800V Input/Output/Terminals or jumpers
High density DIN rail
Output Types
0-10V dc, 0-20mA dc, 4-20mA dc or 2 SPDT relays
9-30V dc via Terminals or jumpers
Special Features
Smart power, Ethernet communications

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Webserver Access


  • EtherNet/IP Client or Server mode
  • IP66 Washdown Front, DDD Option (3 x Isolated DC Outputs)
  • Program Select Enhancements
  • Webserver
  • OEM Security Enhancements
  • 1 x Logic I/O, 2 x Isolated DC Outputs (LDD option).
NEW – Achilles CRT Level 1 Certification

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