Eurotherm at NPE Plastics Expo

We’re excited to be exhibiting at this year’s NPE Plastics Expo in Orlando, May 7-11. Stop by our BOOTH W5962 and click here to obtain a free expo pass! This is the plastics event we have been waiting for and if your business is associated with plastics in any way, this is your “must-attend” event. As the world’s leading plastics trade show and conference, NPE assembles the full array of products, tools, equipment and resources in one efficient venue, providing total coverage of the innovative solutions and emerging technologies that are shaping the future of plastics.

About Us

Eurotherm by Schneider Electric is a global supplier of measurement and instrumentation for process and machine control applications. 3000+ customer over the last 50 years have relied on our expertise in improving control and providing solutions for the plastic industry. Eurotherm brands (Eurotherm, Action Instruments, Chessell, Continental and ERO Electronic) have long been recognized for leading innovation in the plastics processing, automation and machine controls market. Each of the solutions we provide is drawn from a comprehensive family of configurable process control, data management and scalable products and systems.

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Featured Products

E+PLC400 Combination Package for Extrusion

The E+PLC400 Modular Platform Solution with E+HMI150 for Extrusion delivers precision control and complete open PLC functionality in a scalable modular form ideal for all extrusion applications. The E+PLC controller takes advantage of CODESYS, a leading platform which provides a proven, efficient engineering tool. Click to learn more.

Control and Visualization are built in the single integrated development environment (IDE), reducing the time and cost of implementing a system. An excellent tool for creating custom solutions for End User and OEM applications.

An exclusive feature is built-in Modbus/TCP communications drivers to Eurotherm’s EPack. This allows these two controllers to work together providing best-in-class control and diagnostics.

E+HMI150 touch screen operator interface panel offered in a 13” model is ideal for local or remote monitoring and operation of the process.


  • PID Control with Auto Tuning
  • Heater failure detection
  • Process alarms
  • Control and Measurement
  • Data Logging
  • Trending
  • Recipe manager
  • 13” standard touch screen operator interface panel
  • Standard Screen Packages for easy set up and operation
  • Security
  • HTML5 web server for remote access from mobile devies such as tablets and Smart phones

Maximize PID control with the Mini8® Controller Package for Extrusion

The Mini8 for Extrusion Controller offers high performance control usually only found in Eurotherm panel mount PID controllers. It’s modular design enables it’s I/O and feature set to be selected to cater to a wide range of applications including plastic extrusion manufacturing. The Mini8 for Extrusion controller can control up to 96 PID loops. All with the advanced auto-tuning from Eurotherm’s long history of control in the plastic extrusion market. For communications it utilizes a fixed Modbus address table providing easy integration into PLC, SCADA and other 3rd party systems. Click to learn more.

The Mini8 for Extrusion controller has plenty of options:

Protocol Conversion

  • Convert over 200 major industrial protocols
  • Gateway from any protocol to another
  • Drag-and-drop data mapping via GUIcon
  • Easily manage multi-vendor environments

Data Logging

  • Acquire data at user-defined rates from any or all connected devices into a single file
  • Data stored in open CSV file format (Excel compatible)
  • Collect, store, display data Email or FTP logged files

Web Browser

  • Web and network-enable any and all connected devices
  • Auto-uploads data to FTP, web pages and/or dashboards
  • Display same as panel, just tags or custom pages

Technical Session: 

Advanced Extrusion Control

9:30 am – 10:00 am on Monday, May 7 in room S320C South Hall Level 3

The presentation will explore different extrusion types and methods as well as how to optimize different parts of the process for increased output, decreased energy use, and secure communications considerations. We will also discuss how leveraging IIoT, Industry 4.0 and ethernet connectivity can lead to improved performance over time.

Meet the Experts

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Sr. Business Development Manager PAC/E+PLC

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Sales Manager
North America

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Channels Manager
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50 Years of Eurotherm

Eurotherm formed in June 1965

MK1 Temperature Controller

Chessell Recorders is born

Turnbull Control Systems is born

Shackleton System Drives established

Queen’s Award to industry

6350 Process Controller launched

Visit by Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh

450 / 460 Series Thyristors

Win the Design Council Award

Programmable Recorder launched

MaxiVis emerges and captures market attention

Our first true DCS product

340 Recorders launch with 346

Led the way to modern controllers

Eurotherm celebrates 25 years in business

T640 Process Controller launched

SSD becomes Eurotherm Drives

4250G hybrid Graphic Recorder

First redundant CPU product

2000 Series - still selling 20 years on

Eurotherm International acquired by Siebe plc

Industry first push fit I/O modules

MACO™ Compact is released

EPower™ Controller launched

nanodac™ Recorder Controller launches

EOS - The Future of Data Management

Eurotherm joins Schneider Electric

Straightforward and powerful

50 years of groundbreaking firsts and innovative thinking