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Green Premium

Go green. Reach your efficiency goals and exceed industry standards (RoHS directive, REACH regulation, transparency through a Product Environmental Profile + an End of Life instruction). All thanks to one unique ecolabel.

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One label, many advantages

Sustainable performance, by design

Green Premium stands for our commitment to deliver superior sustainable performance to our customers: from homeowners, building managers and architects, to our distributors and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partners.

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The foundations of sustainable performance

Resource performance

Green Premium brings improved resource efficiency throughout an asset’s lifecycle. This includes efficient use of energy and natural resources, along with the minimization of CO2 emissions.

Circular performance

We’re helping our customers optimize the total cost of ownership of their assets. To do this, we provide IoT-enabled solutions, as well as upgrade, repair, retrofit, and remanufacture services.

Well-being performance

Green Premium products are RoHS and REACh compliant. We’re going beyond regulatory compliance with step-by-step substitution of certain materials and substances from our products.


Green Premium delivers strong value propositions through third-party labels and services. By collaborating with organizations such as: ILFI, LEED, BVB, SundaHus, Energy Star, BREEAM, and UL, we can support our customers to easily meet their sustainability goals. We are differentiating from our competitors, transforming our offer into a competitive edge.

What is a Green Premium product

Green Premium products provide detailed information on their regulatory compliance, material content, environmental impact and circularity attributes. They deliver market-driven value propositions through third-party labels and product certifications, that support our customers’ sustainability ambitions.

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What is a Green Premium service

Green Premium services implement circular economy principles such as durability, upgradeability and recyclability to move beyond the “take, make and dispose” industrial model. Utilizing these services our customers reduce their environmental impact and optimize the total cost of ownership of their assets.

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What is a Green Premium solution

Green Premium solutions utilize IoT enabled offers and digital tools to efficiently use energy and other natural resources. They enable our customers to reduce their environmental impact and minimize their CO2 footprint.

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In 2008, we developed Green Premium, our own ecolabel, to provide transparent information on hazardous substances, environmental impact and end-of-life instructions. Ten years later, our customers expect clear proof points on positive impacts of our offers on their business and environmental performances.

The new Green Premium is an expression of our innate belief that ambitious environmental considerations must be embedded in all our value propositions. It is also what customers and business partners have been increasingly asking for, in multiple geographies, across multiple market segments.

Reduce energy and carbon footprints

Optimize total cost of ownership

Protect people from environmental risks

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