IMPORTANT VERSION SPECIFIC NOTES:- NOTE 1:- Please follow this procedure for restoring configuration when upgrading to version 5.1.4 or later from an earlier version. 1) Make a note of the recorders options key code 2) Save the configuration as a config file (uhz) 3) Upgrade software 4) Re enter the options key code 5) Power cycle recorder 6) Restore the configuration using the saved config file (uhz) 7) Autoconfigure 6XXX Product Software Upgrade ============================================================ Upgrading From Media Card ------------------------------------------------------------ Copy all files in the product software folder into a new directory on the Media card being used, then follow the instructions given in the user guide. Upgrading From Bridge ----------------------------------------------------------- With a bridge connection to the product it is possible to perform an upgrade directly from your PC. With the Bridge connection active, log in, navigate to the upgrade Page and perform a local upgrade. You will then be prompted for the location of the upgrade file on your PC. The rest of the procedure is as per the Media card option. Upgrading From Remote FTP server ----------------------------------------------------------- From the product it is possible to upgrade the product using files stored on a remote server This requires the server to be able to accept FTP connections and have a mapping to the directory containing the upgrade file, with the appropriate access permissions. With these criteria met it will be possible to upgrade the product following the instructions given in the user guide. Important Note ------------------------------------------------------------ Some new features may not be enabled following an upgrade. Following power-up, check the config/options menu, for the presence of the autoconfigure button. If it is displayed this will need to be pressed to enable the features detailed on that page. Note that options are enabled via Key Codes, these must be obtained from the factory.