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Webinar: Turning Up the Heat – Data’s Role in Electrifying Thermal Processes

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Global decarbonization trends are pushing industries to electrification of their process heat. While electric process heaters have been utilized in various sectors for years, many industries still navigate unfamiliar territory with electric heat adoption. This transition sparks understandable concerns about its implications on processes. However, through a comprehensive approach that emphasizes data-driven strategies, we’ll explore how to navigate this transition.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the benefits of integrating a complete thermal system solution with data analytics for efficient transition to electric heating.
  • Identify the key components that should be monitored within the system.
  • Explore case studies where the implementation of advanced thermal systems equipped with data analytics have resulted in cost savings and improved uptime for customers.

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Chelsea Hogard

Industry 4.0 Team Leader

Chelsea Hogard is the Engineering Team Leader for Watlow’s Industry 4.0 Development Team. With a background in teaching high school math, physics, and engineering, she shifted her career focus and joined Watlow as an engineer five years ago. During her time at the company, Chelsea has contributed to research in advanced control methods and has gained practical experience in field service and training. Recently appointed to lead the Industry 4.0 team, she is committed to helping customers by using data analytics for effective problem-solving.

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