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EOS Director is a lot more than secure, access anywhere file storage. It is specifically designed for a plant, batch and time centric view of your process data. Historical process data can be searched, visualised and if necessary retrieved from this secure back up facility faster than ever before. It provides effective management of data generated by recording devices, in particular the secure, UHH files generated by Eurotherm products.


  • Intelligent, structured, indexed process data storage
  • Peace of mind with guaranteed data safety and access anywhere


  • Easy search facility designed for process parameters
  • Clear, online visualisation of historical process events


  • Find data files quickly and easily with search by date, time and batch information
  • Save your time and add convenience to your operation with secure access to information from any web access point
  • Reduce IT overhead with a system that is designed to manage process data

​For many years now the use of electronic records has been widely accepted as the most efficient way of recording and storing process data. EOS Director now provides a modern tool, designed specifically for industrial use, for effective management of that data. It gives you the peace of mind that your data is safe and intelligent tools, available online for when and where you need them, for you to efficiently manage, search and analyse your data.

Embrace the future of data management

For many industries such as pharmaceutical, heat treatment, healthcare and food and beverage, process data is a vital part of the operation. Data may need to be kept for many years and, if required, retrieved to show the exact processing details for a particular batch of product. In-house IT systems, however, are often not designed for effective and efficient management of this process data. EOS Director is a modern way of handling the data recorded by Eurotherm instruments in a secure, online system that is specifically designed for process industries.

Plant wide historical process data is managed on the secure EOS cloud. The system will keep your data safe with secure and proven backup and disaster recovery processes in place. You only pay for the storage you need and when you need to access your data you can do so from any web-enabled device with unique login details.

Data is structured and indexed with powerful search engines available to ensure you can quickly and easily find information about any historical process by batch or date range. Furthermore, EOS Director provides clear visualisation of the process event online enabling the user to quickly identify the relevant area of interest for further analysis. If required, a copy of your data can be retrieved for further use.

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