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Eurotherm is pleased to announce the release of EcoStruxure™ Manufacturing Compliance Advisor V3.0.

This is a significant update introducing a host of new functionality and a fresh and more intuitive user experience.

What’s New

Collaborative Asset Management:

Simple collaborative workflow, enabling manufacturing organizations and service organizations to connect.


Ecostruxure Collaborative Asset Management


Connected organizations can assign roles at Asset Level

Asset Owner, Data Manager, Planner and Technician.


Ecostruxure updates


Global Compliance Dashboard

Real-time compliance status of assets, applicable to user responsibility, based on location, site, plant area. With ability to access specific plant area and asset for actionable insights.


Ecostruxure updates - Global compliance dashboard


Email Notifications

User configurable notification types.




Asset Groups

Define up to 5 Instrument Groups per Organization, for example ‘Priority’, ‘Mechanical’, ‘Pyrometry’.


Change Asset Location

Move Assets between Plant Areas.


Asset Import

Import detail of multiple Assets and their Test Schedules.


EcoStruxure™ Manufacturing Compliance Advisor V3.0 is released on the 10th of June 2020. All users will automatically benefit from the new features when you next log in.

The Mobile App version 10.0.27556 is also now released. All users will need to update the Mobile App on their devices via the Microsoft App Store or Google Play Store.


Training Material

To help navigate the new functionality and updated User Experience, a set of How-To videos are available on the Eurotherm YouTube channel.

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