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Decarbonization through process electrification and digitalization

The glass industry currently faces three main challenges to reach zero carbon manufacturing. The first is meeting decarbonization targets, driven...

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Hardware, software and people-ware

Established in 1974 with its first projects in the glass industry dating back to the 80s, Eurotherm Italy is part...

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Empowering the evolution of the glass industry

In March 2021, a veteran of Eurotherm by Schneider Electric for 20 years, former Global Glass Key Account Manager Mikael...

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High efficiency bushing control systems for glass fiber production

In order for the glass industry to meet its decarbonization goals, legacy fossil fuel fired processes will need to transition...

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Will Japan’s hydrogen strategy help carbon neutrality goals?

The mass production of container glass in Japan started in 1916, when Nippon Glass bought a Michael Owens automatic bottle...

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A question of balance: sustainability and profitability

The global glass industry is entering a new age of green manufacturing in which it needs to bring its total...

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Does driving an all-electric car relate to running a glassworks?

It is not easy to have an opinion when all the facts are unknown. During the next 30 years, technology...

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Sizing up furnace boosting power supplies – From grid to glass

In whatever way furnace designs will change in the near future, it is clear that the related process and power...

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Size matters – and so does expertise

As a power supply system provider, Eurotherm by Schneider Electric obviously had to anticipate this shift in developments ahead of...

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Preventing power outages and reducing electricity tariffs

A glass plant can have many instances of high power electrical equipment demanding power from the main supply. The biggest...

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The decarbonisation fuel challenge

Since the Paris Agreement made at COP21 in December 2015, commitments have been made to avoid the worst impacts of...

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Considerations for alternative furnace fuels – where to start?

To be honest, I cannot recollect when the discussion around carbon footprint and zero emissions started, even though NOx has...

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