Company: Leading manufacturer of process equipment

Industry: Life Sciences

Customer Group: OEM

Project / Application: Control of purification unit

Customer Challenge: Provide solution that meets CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice)

Features, Solutions & Services Provided:
  • 6180XIO Graphic Recorder
  • 3204 Temperature / Process Controller
  • Altivar Drive ATV32 Series
  • Project management
  • Cabinet manufacturing
  • Test and delivery
  • On-site commissioning support

Customer Benefits:

  • Eurotherm expertise as a life science solution provider
  • Eurotherm Controller, Recorder and Drives integrated
  • Solution aids compliance to 21 CFR Part11
  • Local support of end user by Eurotherm service team

Additional Information:

  • End user is a pharmaceutical pilot plant, carrying out purification by concentration of substances

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