Design Projects

These outlines are intended as an indication of the type of opportunities available at Eurotherm. They give a flavour of the technologies we are using, or thinking of using, and some of the problems we are trying to solve.

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Concept modelling new Automation products

Project D1

Eurotherm are a supplier of Industrial Automation products. Customers for this type of product have traditionally valued function over form. This is no longer the case. Consumer products have, over time, changed peoples perceptions and, in many cases the product look is valued as much as what it does. We are always on the look out for ways of improving the appearance of our current products, and going in other directions with our new products. This project is about about you influencing our product family, bringing new ideas, and thinking, in to the design teams.


Gearing up for Globalisation

Project D2

In the emerging global economy there is a large growth potential for companies able to offer their products anywhere around the world. This is not just a simple case of multi-language support – ‘text’ may need to be in symbols or be read in reverse (right to left). Also common icons and colours understood in Western society may be misleading or even offensive amongst other cultures.

This project is about understanding the issues of deploying global products and considering ways forward to overcome both the technical and operational hurdles this presents

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