Eurotherm control knowledge aids equipment manufacturer with distillery solution

Irish whiskey manufacturing

Eurotherm has been working in collaboration with equipment manufacturer Green Engineering to provide a distillery for the production of Irish Whiskey.

The equipment manufacturer needed help from our knowledgeable solutions team and established a partnership with Eurotherm to specify, design and supply a turnkey control system for three whiskey pot stills and a boutique gin distillery. 

The Eurotherm solutions team worked closely with this OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) to supply the end user with an optimised control system. The solution was based on Eurotherm T2750 PAC which provided dual redundant precision PID control for high availability of the system, and mathematical calculations based on density, alcohol value and temperature to aid the production of high quality distillates. Eycon 20 Visual Supervisor with recipe management was used as the local HMI, while a PC running EurothermSuite software acted as the engineering/operator station. 

Third party intrinsic safety devices were used between the temperature sensors and the T2750 PAC I/O, as a barrier to the safety class areas in the plant.

Eurotherm engineers will be working on further projects with Green Engineering to provide both knowledge and solutions for global distilleries and beer production plants.

Solutions and services provided

  • Engineering Services
  • Precision PID Control
  • Recipe Management
  • Local Visualisation
  • Operator/Engineering station
  • Safety isolation
  • Turnkey control solution

“We combined our expert control knowledge with the OEM’s process knowledge to provide the end customer with a best in class solution” 
Claudio Esposito, Account Manager, Eurotherm Italy


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