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Dave: Could you explain what your course is and any other previous industry connections that you have had?

Saeed: I’m studying Masters in Digital Electronics at Brighton University. This course is very good as it is an amalgam of two different fields, software and hardware. My previous background is totally in the software industry and I chose to study digital electronics to get some more experience in the hardware side. The evolution of technology is so fast that we are shifting towards the embedded software system rather than relying totally on separate software and hardware. That is what motivated me to study this course.

Why I chose Eurotherm for my project is because in my BSc back in Pakistan I did my project out in industry in a Software House working for a software company. At that time I felt that I gained so much more than those that did their project based in the University.


You have been here with us for five months doing a masters degree full time, what is your project here about?

My project is based on Research & Investigation of vision systems. These vision systems are meant for industrial process improvement. Eurotherm is providing services to different industrial sectors like Heat Treatment, Life Sciences and Glass. The main part of my project is to investigate these industries and to find if we can solve the problem with vision systems or not. If it is possible then what are those solutions and what are the current technologies in the market. My job is to investigate – to give just a birds eye view.

I’ve come up with different potential problems and their solutions, and after that I laid down a step by step a pathway to any vision system.


What advice would you give to students who are considering whether to do a placement or whether to do some other option in house or whatever?

The one thing I felt after coming to the UK, normally a student relies on some particular skills. Before doing Digital electronics I totally relied upon my software development skills, but now I feel that software development is not enough – software has to communicate with the outside world.

So you enjoyed your placement?


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