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My summer placement with Eurotherm by Schneider Electric

My 12-week summer placement was a wonderful opportunity to put into practice what I had learnt at University. Whilst at Eurotherm by Schneider Electric, I was working in the Hardware Research and Development Department, researching on fibre optic temperature sensing applications, and developing a conceptual design on the one suitable topology.

This project has given me a great opportunity to experience the life cycle of the engineering design process, from the idea generation, to the end product application, something I have seen through as I have been implementing conceptual design of the fibre-optic temperature sensor based on phosphorescence (fluorescence) phenomenon.

During my working experience, I was given a mentor who helped me settle in and ensured all was going well with my work. He was willing to discuss issues that I was facing and arranged all the hardware I needed during my research, and after in my final year project.

I was very fortunate that Eurotherm sponsored this project to be implemented, in my final year University project!

Besides work, it was great to meet up out of hours and have a chat, and laugh, games (I loved bowling) and going to enjoy South American food at the restaurant. These activities spiced my working experience to have had an atmosphere of feeling part of the working family, even in a short period of time.

Without a doubt I would recommend any university student thinking of doing summer placement, to very much consider Eurotherm by Schneider Electric.

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