DC Drives

The DC Drive product range can be used to control DC shunt and DC permanent magnet motors and offers a wider choice of variable speed DC drives than any other manufacturer.

The range has over 50 models with armature current ratings up to 2250 Amps.

For higher armature currents (up to 4000 Amps) we can offer a Digital, DCstack driver unit with external thyristor stack.

Both the Analog and Digital, 1 and 4 quadrant, variable speed drives (VSD) have an internal field controller and universal speed feedback inputs (pulse encoder, tacho and armature voltage).

Analog DC Drives: The din-rail mounted analog Series (ER-40/680/1220) is available for armature currents from 3.4A up to 12.2A in both 1 and 4 quadrant, non-isolated and isolated versions.

The panel mounted analog Series (ER-3200i and ER3600XRi) is available for armature currents from 4A up to 48A in both 1 and 4 quadrant isolated versions.

Digital DC Drives: This range is probably the most powerful drive on the market today including 2 quadrant (most ER-PL models) and 4 quadrant versions (all ERPLX models), internal field controller and fully programmable function blocks and soft wiring. (ER-PL / ER-PLX).

A number of predefined application function blocks are available as standard for winders, section control, diameter calculation, etc. Armature Current outputs are available up to 2250 Amps. The optional Fieldbus communication can be used for complete system integration.

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