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2500 Controller
2500 Controller

High Performance Control in a Versatile, Modular System

The Foxboro PAC System enables secure and reliable process control and information recording with complete redundancy options for maximum availability.

Part of the InFusion Enterprise Control System, the PAC System is ideally suited both for stand-alone applications and for integration into a wider ArchestrA-based control solution.

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Brand: Eurotherm
Product Code: 2500
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Eurotherm iTools v9.69 (February 2016) 226.73MiB 07/02/2017
Eurotherm UK Product Selection Guide (HA029395 Issue 7) 1.78MiB 02/02/2017
2500 Declaration of Conformity (Iss 7), IA249986U560 796.46KiB 13/10/2016
Eurotherm US Product Selection Guide (HA029395 Issue 6) 1.27MiB 29/03/2016
2500 8w New STEP file 4.02MiB 26/01/2016
2500 8w Blank STEP file 1.27MiB 26/01/2016
2500 4w New STEP file 5.94MiB 26/01/2016
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2500 12w New STEP file 17.68MiB 26/01/2016
2500 12w new IGES file 62.31MiB 26/01/2016
Analogue IP/OP
In: 64 Out: 32
Combinational Logic
32 Operations
Control Algorithms
Single, Ratio, Cascade, Override
Control loops
Digital IP/OP
In: 128 Out: 64
Maths Equation
32 Calculations
PC Configuration
List based
Special Features
Carbon Potential, Humidity
8 / 8 / 8
Panel size (DIN)
DIN rail
Input Type
TC, RTD, mV, mA, Volts
PV Accuracy
IP Rating
Display Type
Control Types
On/Off, PID, VP
Alarm Types
Hi, Lo, Dev, Rate, Event
Supply Voltage
24V dc
SP Programmer
Digital Comm
Modbus, DeviceNet, Profibus, Ethernet
Real Time Clock
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