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Programmable Isolating Universal Input 2-Wire Transmitter - T287

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The T287 is a programmable two-wire transmitter that is configured to provide an isolated 4-20mA signal in proportion to the input signal. The T287 accepts thermocouple, 2-wire, 3-wire, or 4-wire RTD, potentiometer, resistance and millivolt inputs. The T287 supports either single or dual inputs. In the dual input mode, either input can be selected to control the output, or math functions can be applied in which both inputs have an effect on the output. The functions available are Sum, Difference, Average, Higher of the two or Lower of the two inputs. Typical applications include providing accurate, stable signals to distributed control systems (DCS), supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA), environmental monitoring and control systems (EMCS), data acquisition and control systems (DACS) and custody transfer/pipeline systems.

Configuration is performed by connecting the transmitter to a standard (9-pin RS-232) PC serial port using an isolated interface adapter, and running a user-friendly Windows-based program. All of the configuration information can be defined and modified using only a PC, the interface adapter, and the transmitter. No loop supply, input simulation or meter on the output is required. The fully isolated adapter reduces the risk of damage to the PC which can be caused by spikes and surges on field wiring entering the computer via its unprotected serial port.

The T287 yields higher accuracy and long-term stability with lower power consumption than prior generation transmitters. The T287 automatically performs self-tests and auto-calibration while in service, resulting in a stability of better than ±0.1% of span over 12 months.

New! Zero / Span Trimmer for the TransPak T287



  • Universal Input Reduces Inventory Levels

  • Eliminates Ground Loops

  • Custom Linearization for Special T/C Types

  • Supports Single or Dual Inputs

  • User-Friendly Configuration


  • Specifications

  • Ordering Information

Happy with the convenience of PC based setup on the T287, but tired of taking your computer out to just adjust the zero and span? Now there is a solution. Eurotherm is pleased to announce the Trimmer.

The trimmer acts just like a screw driver on a trimpot. Just connect the trimmer to the T287 programming port and press the up or down buttons to adjust the zero or span. No computer required, no power connection required, just plug and trim.


Every T287 is factory calibrated and can be configured to perform the desired function using the Device Configuration screen and the Sensor Selection Screen. Just fasten the DB-9 connector to the computer’s serial port and the keyed 6-pin connector to the port under the access cover on the top of the transmitter. There is no need to provide an external power supply and load to the T287’s output to configure the transmitter.

Units already in service can have their configuration “up-loaded” to the PC. Their operating parameters can be reviewed, and if necessary, revised and downloaded again. All configuration parameters can be stored in a configuration file on the PC for future use. The Configuration & Calibration Software, Isolated RS-232/T287 Communications Adapter and User’s Guide are included in the model C680-0001.


Input Types 

  • Thermocouples: Most standard types & all special types using customer defined tables & polynomials.

  • RTD: 2-, 3- & 4-wire, Pt-100, Ni-110, Ni-120 & other RTDs.

    • Includes Callandar-Van-Dusen adaptation and custom sensors linearization with user defined tables and polynomials.

  • DC mV: -10 to 100mV

  • Potentiometers: 0 to 20k Ohms

  • Resistance: 0 to 400 Ohms

General Specifications     

  • Minimum Range:2mV

  • Output:4-20mA

  • Supply Voltage: 9-40VDC @ no load, reverse polarity protected

  • Maximum Load: Rmax = (Vsupply – 9V) / 20mA

  • Operating Temperature: -40 to 85°C

  • Storage Temperature: -55 to +125°C

  • Humidity: 0 to 95% RHNC

  • Response Time: 0.3 seconds, to 90% of input (>3 updates/sec)

  • Damping Factors: Programmable 0 to 64 seconds, to 0 to 120% of input range, using configuration software

 Stability: Better than ±0.1% of span for 12 months

  • Isolation: 2000VDC, input to output

  • RFI Protection: <1% effect of span at 20-1000MHz and at field strength of 20V/m


 Performance Specifications     

  • Output Resolution: 0.015% of span (2.5uA)

  • Output Linearity (D/A): Better then 0.02% of output span

  • Sensor Linearization: Better than 0.1°C for RTDs

    • Better than 0.2°C for Thermocouple

  • Cold Junction Compensation: Automatic to within ±0.7°C for all thermocouples

  • Temperature Stability: 0.015%/°C combined zero and span.

  • Supply Voltage Effect: < ±0.003% per volt.

  • Calibration: Automatic, unit includes all calibration parameters. The unit performs periodic zero and span self-test, and auto calibration.

  • Input Linearity: Better than 0.01% of span (mV input)

Ordering Information
1. Specify: Model:   T287-0000
      C680-0001 Isolated Communications Adapter, Configuration and Calibration Software, and User’s Guide.
  9046   Action Pak 24/40VDC, 65mA Loop Power Supply
  T609   24V, 600mA Loop Power Supply
  V560/565   3½ digit remote loop powered indicator with wide ranging display.
  T25H-0000   Head Mount Enclosure - ½ NPT for Thermowell and Conduit.


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