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Loop Powered LCD Indicator - V560

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The V560 is a loop powered digital process indicator which derives its power entirely from the 4-20mA or 10-50mA signal being measured. No local power is required at the point of measurement.

A large, 3˚ digit, 0.8" high LCD provides clear visibility and can be quickly and easily calibrated to the required range. Zero can be adjusted to ±1999 counts with a span of 100 counts or greater. The trailing “dummy” zero allows display readings to ±19990. The decimal point position is switch selectable and can be independently set to any of 4 positions (1. 9. 9. 9. 0).


The V560 is useful in any application requiring a wide ranging 3˚ digit display from a 4-20mA or 10-50mA current source. The standard NEMA 4X housing enables indoor or outdoor installation with protection from sleet, corrosion, moisture, chemicals, and even hose directed water or severe condensation. The V560 is ideal for displaying process variables such as temperature, pressure or flow, in local and remote areas where line power is either impractical or not available. Refer to the V565 High-Performance LCD indicator for 1.00 Volt loop-drop and square root selection.

The V560 is FM/CSA approved for intrinsically safe operation in Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, & D hazardous locations when connected in accordance with manufacturer’s drawing 790-0024(FM) or 790-0025(CSA).


The V560 indicator is easily configured using the switches and potentiometers mounted on the circuit board located directly behind the hinged front cover (or screw cover for the EP option).

To configure and calibrate, refer to the function switches diagram. Position the switches accordingly to obtain the desired zero and span count values. Next, fine tune the display using the zero and span trimpots. Displays calibrated for either 4-20mA or 10-50mA will maintain calibration within 1% if switched to the other range.

Note: Span refers to counts from "minimum" and not a full-scale input.



  • Loop Powered Design Eliminates Extra Power Supply

  • Large LCD Display/Readable from 30'

  • Switch Selectable 4-20/10-50mA Inputs and Decimal Points

  • Easily Field Configurable Wide Ranging Display

  • Trailing Dummy Zero Allows Readings ±19990

  • NEMA 4X Enclosure Withstands Hose Down & Corrosive Agents

  • FM & CSA Safety Approval for Hazardous Installations

  • Three Year Warranty


  • Specifications

  • Ordering Information 

Installation (V560 EP)

1. Conduit for field wiring is attached to the 3/4" NPT threaded hole provided, which can be configured as either the top or the bottom of the instrument.

2. Unscrew cover. Remove the phillips screws from the black mounting plate and then remove the indicator assembly (four outermost screws).

3. A TransPak T600/T700 series two-wire can be installed using T901 mounting plate.

4. Connect the field wiring to the back of the indicator assembly terminals (and TransPak if installed). Connect the ground wire to the EP case. Route the wiring through the bracket grommet and conduit port.

5. Replace the indicator assembly.

6. Reinstall the cover until snug (do NOT use sealant on the cover).


Input Current Ranges:

4-20mA and 10-50mA, switch selectable


Input Current Limits:

  • Minimum: 3mA

  • Maximum: 100mA


Input Voltage Drop:

3.9V maximum at fullscale input

(20mA or 50mA)


Power Consumption:

12mW maximum @ 3mA input


Display Reading Update:

2.5 conversions per second


Readout Display:

  • Type: 0.8" High Liquid Crystal, 3˚ digit (1999)

  • Decimal Point Indication: Switchselectable, four positions:

  • Dummy Zero: Switch-selectable trailing zero, e.g., 19990

  • Underrange (belowm - 1999): displays -1

  • Overrange (above +1999): displays 1


Wide Range Display Calibration:

  • Zero (4mA/10mA): Adjustable from -1999 to 1999

  • Span (20mA/50mA): Adjustable from 100 to 3998 counts



±0.1% of span counts, ±1 count


Screws (V560/V560C):

  • Front Panel: 10-32 brass with corrosion resistant stainless steel plating: MIL-W-52263C (MR)

  • Rear Electrical: 6-32 nickel plated brass


Temperature Coefficient:

(Standard Calibration: -10 to 70°C)

  • Zero: ±50ppm/°C, typical, ±100ppm/°C, max.

  • Span: ±50ppm/°C, typical, ±150ppm/°C, max.


Temperature Range:

  • Standard: -10 to 70°C (14 to 158°F)

  • Storage: -55 to 85°C (-67 to 185°F)



  • V560: 14 oz

  • V560C: 2.2 lbs

  • V560 EP: 11 lbs


Agency Approval:

FM and CSA approved intrinsically safe

for hazardous locations, certificate No.

2M2A5.AX. Contact factory for

installation drawings.

Ordering Information


1. Model V560, V860, V960

2. Options C, EP, U (see text)

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