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Track-Hold / Peak-Hold Process Function - AP4570

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The AP4570 offers two modes of operation: Track & Hold and Track & Peak - Hold. In "Track & Hold" operation the output tracks the input signal. When an external contact is closed, the input level is "saved" and its corresponding output signal is helped indefinitely until the contact is opened. Releasing the hold switch (pins 8 and 11) allows the output to again follow the input. The "Track & Peak-Hold" mode is similar to "Track & Hold" operation except upon contact closure (pins 8 and 11) the highest input is "saved" and the corresponding output is help until a higher signal level occurs.

Model AP4570 is useful in capturing DC-input signals to be held for further processing or signal-conditioning. Typical applications include monitoring peak electrical or energy demands, capturing process conditions such as flow rates, equipment protection and taring to factor out unwanted dead weight.


Top-accessed screwdriver adjustments provide typical ±10% zero and span adjustability. Calibration is referred to input in that adjustments are to correct for input/sensor variations. Zero is adjusted for the specified minimum output with the input at the desired minimum. Span is adjusted for the specified maximum output with the input at the desired maximum. Repeat adjustments for maximum accuracy.




  • Digital Design Prevents Output “Droop”

  • Peak Detection Applications

  • Low-Cost “Sample & Hold” Applications

  • AC Line Powered

  • Three Year Warranty

AP4570 tables


Input Impedance

  • Voltage Input: >200KÙ

  • Current Input: 20Ù


Output Impedance

  • Voltage Output: <10Ù

  • Current Output: >100KÙ


Output Drive

  • Voltage Output: 10mA, max (1KÙ, min. @ 10V)

  • Current Output: 15V compliance @ 20mA (750Ù, max)


Response Time

  • 100msec. typical



  • ±0.05% of span, typical


Output Resolution (digital tracking)

  • 1 part in 512


Stability (15-minute warm-up)

  • ±0.02%/°C typical




Output Ripple

  • 0.25% of max. span, rms or 2mV, whichever is greater


Common Mode Rejection

  • 60 Hz: >80dB

  • DC: >100dB


Common Mode Voltage

  • 600V DC or peak AC max


Temperature Range

  • Operating: 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F)

  • Storage: -20 to 85°C (-4 to 185°F)



  • Consumption: 3W typical, 5W max

  • Standard: 120VAC (±10%, 50-400Hz)

  • Available: 240VAC (±10%, 50-400Hz)



  • 0.56lbs


Ordering Information


1. Model: AP4570

2. Input Range (see Tables 1, 2)

3. Output Range (see Tables 1, 3)

4. Options: CS, U (see text)

5. Line Power (see specs.)


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