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T2550 PAC
T2550 PAC T2550 PAC

T2550 Programmable Automation Controller - The Most Affordable, High Availability PAC

The T2550 PAC is a high performance solution offering extremely cost effective redundancy options - making high availability viable for more of your process.

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Brand: Eurotherm
Product Code: T2550
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Wonderware PAC User Guide (HA030834 / 6) 2.39MiB 20/07/2015
Foxboro PAC Store & Forward User Guide (HA030835 / 4) 1020.65KiB 20/07/2015
Customer First Support & Services (HA032340 Issue 1) 10.13MiB 29/04/2015
Eurotherm UK Product Selection Guide (HA029395 Issue 6) 3.11MiB 17/02/2015
T2550 (& modules) DoC (Iss 5), IA249986U690 749.4KiB 30/01/2015
T2550 Brochure (HA029285 Iss 4) 1.97MiB 23/01/2015
T225X ELIN/ALIN Bridge Unit User Manual (HA029931 Iss 2) 2.5MiB 23/01/2015
T225X ELIN/ALIN Bridge Unit Installation sheet (HA029926) 325.63KiB 23/01/2015
T2550 PAC Tutorial user Guide (HA029723 Iss 2) 759.92KiB 23/01/2015
T2550 PAC DIN Rail Installation Sheet (HA028901 Iss 16) 1.67MiB 23/01/2015
T2550 Foxboro PAC Handbook (HA028898 Iss 17) 10.42MiB 23/01/2015
T2550 Data Sheet (HA031113 Iss 1) 6.04MiB 23/01/2015
Application and Control Module Block (HA084012U003 Iss 7) 3.4MiB 22/01/2015
Raw Communications User Guide (HA030511 Iss 4) 1.62MiB 22/01/2015
Alarm Suppression User Guide (HA030272 Iss 5) 1.4MiB 22/01/2015
Modbus/Profibus Communications Handbook (HA028014 Iss 6) 989.13KiB 22/01/2015
Analogue IP/OP
In:64 Out:32
Auditor Features
Data Logging
Digital IP/OP
In/Out: 128
Ethernet (ELIN)
Modbus (Serial & TCP)
Network Addressing
DHCP, Boot P, Link Local, Fixed
Input Type
mV, V, mA, T/C, RTD, Potentiometer
IP Rating
Display Type
SP Programmer
8 Channels, 32 Segments each

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