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Ultra SlimPak

DIN Rail Mount Signal Conditioners, Isolators, & Alarms

Ultra SlimPaks are high density, DIN Rail mount, setpoint limit alarm and isolating signal conditioner modules. All Ultra SlimPak modules utilise Action’s advanced, ASIC-based design for field configurable input and output flexibility.

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Brand: Eurotherm
Product Code: Ultra SlimPak
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File Name Size Updated
EMC Guide HA025464 6.45MiB 14/12/2015
Ultra Slimpak G118-0002 Data Sheet (HA136731 Iss 2) 598.48KiB 10/12/2015
Ultra Slimpak G108-0001 Data Sheet (721-0648-00-H) 581.58KiB 10/12/2015
Customer First Support & Services (HA032340 Issue 1) 10.13MiB 29/04/2015
Ultra SlimPak Certificate of Conformity (Iss 1), IA249986U878 704.79KiB 27/04/2015
Eurotherm UK Product Selection Guide (HA029395 Issue 6) 3.11MiB 17/02/2015
H910/H915 Data Sheet (721-0646-00-K) 100.77KiB 23/01/2015
Ultra Slimpak G478-0001 Data Sheet (721-0656-00-G) 461.01KiB 23/01/2015
Ultra Slimpak G468-0001 Data Sheet (721-0658-00-G) 440.31KiB 23/01/2015
Ultra Slimpak G448-0002 Data Sheet (721-0537-00-M) 515.35KiB 23/01/2015
Ultra Slimpak G438-0001 Data Sheet (721-065-00-F) 345.93KiB 23/01/2015
Ultra Slimpak G428-0001 Data Sheet (721-0652-00-H) 444.67KiB 23/01/2015
Ultra Slimpak G418-0001 Data Sheet (721-0653-00-H) 491.21KiB 23/01/2015
Ultra Slimpak G408-0001 & G408-1001 Data Sheet 523.04KiB 23/01/2015
Ultra Slimpak G168-0001 Data Sheet (721-0667-00-F) 529.42KiB 23/01/2015
Ultra Slimpak G128-0001 Data Sheet (721-0654-00-G) 495.35KiB 23/01/2015
Action Instruments Brochure (HA136737U001 Iss 3) 1009.66KiB 23/01/2015
Mechanical Details
Cut-out dimensions
Calibration via
Potentiometer, G478 TouchCal
Input Types
DC Volts/Current, RTD, mV, Thermocouple, Potentiometer, Strain Gauge, AC Volts/Current, Frequency
1800V Input/Output/Power
High density DIN rail
Output Types
0-5V dc, 0-10V dc, 0-1mA dc, 0-20mA dc, 4-20mA dc or 2 SPDT relays
9-30V dc G448 18-30V
Special Features
ASIC reliability
Fixed terminals

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