Action I/Q™ (DC Powered)

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Action I/Q™ (DC Powered)

Action I/Q (DC Powered 2-Wire / 4-Wire)

The Action I/Q Series of signal conditioners have wide ranging field configurable inputs and outputs. These DC, RTD, T/C, potentiometer, bridge/strain gauge, AC and frequency input devices incorporate TouchCalTM technology, which simplifies calibration and allows more than 90% adjustment of zero and span.

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Brand: Action Instruments
Product Code: Action I/Q (AC/DC Powered)
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File Name Size Updated
Action I/Q Q488 DC Powered Data Sheet (721-0708-00-M) 647.27KiB 24/04/2017
Action PAK AP9046 DC Output Data Sheet [721-0149-00-V] 352.29KiB 24/04/2017
Action I/Q Q520 Loop Powered Data Sheet (721-0563-00-I) 159.25KiB 21/04/2017
Action I/Q Q510 Loop Powered Data Sheet (721-0562-00-L) 324.47KiB 21/04/2017
Action I/Q Q501 Loop Powered Data Sheet (721-0561-00-L) 304.9KiB 21/04/2017
Action I/Q Q500 Loop Powered Data Sheet (721-0560-00-N) 325.38KiB 21/04/2017
Action I/Q Q498 DC Powered Data Sheet (721-0775-00-G) 598.59KiB 21/04/2017
Action I/Q Q478 DC Powered Data Sheet (721-0718-00-H) 450.45KiB 21/04/2017
Action I/Q Q468 DC Powered Data Sheet (721-0744-00-H) 590.27KiB 21/04/2017
Action I/Q Q448 DC Powered Data Sheet (721-0745-00-I) 570.77KiB 21/04/2017
Action I/Q Q438 DC Powered Data Sheet (721-0719-00-G) 340.86KiB 21/04/2017
Action I/Q Q408 DC Powered Data Sheet (721-0716-00-I) 586.25KiB 21/04/2017
Action I/Q Q404 2/3/4 DC Powered Data Sheet (721-0679-00-F) 342.53KiB 21/04/2017
Action I/Q Q108 DC Powered Data Sheet (721-0717-00-G) 627.96KiB 20/04/2017
Action I/Q C698 (Q498) Data Sheet (721-0776-00-E) 259.85KiB 20/04/2017
Eurotherm US Product Selection Guide (HA029395 Issue 7) 1.78MiB 12/04/2017
Eurotherm UK Product Selection Guide (HA029395 Issue 7) 1.78MiB 02/02/2017
ActionIQ Declaration of Conformity (Iss 2), IA249986U879 835.55KiB 13/10/2016
Action Pak 1000-1024 Data Sheet [721-0385-00-F] 379.17KiB 27/01/2016
Action I/Q Q486 Application Note: Instant Accuracy 178.15KiB 21/01/2016
Mechanical Details
Cut-out dimensions
Calibration via
Input Types
DC Volts/Current, RTD, mV, Thermocouple, Potentiometer, Strain Gauge, AC Volts/Current, Frequency
1800V Input/Output/Power
IQRL power bus on DIN rail
Output Types
0-5V dc, 0-10V dc, 0-1mA dc, 0-20mA dc, 4-20mA dc or Frequency or 2 SPDT relay(s)
85-265V ac Various power Product dependant 9-30V dc, 18-30V dc, 10.8-26.4V dc
Special Features
2 ch versions, Signal splitters, Maths functions, Field configurable, I/P type versions
Fixed terminals

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Webserver Access


  • EtherNet/IP Client or Server mode
  • IP66 Washdown Front, DDD Option (3 x Isolated DC Outputs)
  • Program Select Enhancements
  • Webserver
  • OEM Security Enhancements
  • 1 x Logic I/O, 2 x Isolated DC Outputs (LDD option).
NEW – Achilles CRT Level 1 Certification

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