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Multi Loop Temperature and Process Controllers for Industrial Automation

What is a Multi Loop Digital Temperature Controller?

Multi loop controllers are used to control a thermal or process machine in systems which need more than one control loop within a single system.  

Small Machine Controllers

Multi loop controllers are capable of small machine control with advanced features and options. Flexible I/O options to control and measure a multitude of processes including temperature, carbon potential, humidity, flow, pressure, level, viscosity and additive dosing.

Save Money with a Single Controller

Using multi-loop over single-loop can save installation time and costs by giving you one common connection point with less wiring and panel cut outs. Downtime can also be reduced as multi-loop controllers can be changed without powering down the system. 

Eurotherm Multi Loop Controllers

Invensys Eurotherm multi-loop controllers start with the dual loop 3500 models, ideal for controlling processes with two interactive variables, while the mini8 extends capacity up to 16 individual high accuracy PID loops. 

For even more advanced features the nanodac adds recording to dual-loop control, making it an incredible value package for measurement, control and digital recording.


3500 Multi-loop controller

3500 Temperature controllers with advanced features and options capable of small machine control »

2500 Unit Controller

High performance, high accuracy, high functionality 2500 I/O system that provides cost effective access to a wide range of advanced functions »


Highly accurate and stable 2704 process controller available in a single, dual or triple loop format »


Competitive and compact data acquisition device with high performance Mini8 controller »


1/4 DIN plug-in high stability 2604 temperature and process controller for use in demanding applications »