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Eurotherm iTools - Configuration and Monitoring Software

  • A complete engineering studio for Configuration; Data logging; Communications; Monitoring software

  • Designed to aid configuration of all 2000 and 3000 series and Mini8® controllers


  • For information on a backup and configuration lead, click here


Eurotherm iTools is a versatile suite of software tools to allow configuration and monitoring of all Eurotherm 2000 and 3000 Series and Mini8 controllers.

It also provides runtime monitoring of the 6000 Series graphic recorders. It is capable of editing, storing and ‘cloning’ complete controller configurations as well as setting up data logging, process monitoring and Ethernet and modem connections.

Graphical Wiring Editor

The Graphical Wiring Editor uses a simple ‘drag and drop’ graphical interface to simplify the configuration of 3500, Mini8 controller, 2604 and 2704. Terminal wiring dynamically maps the rear terminal panel setup to the current instrument configuration.

View Builder

View builder allows creation of customized screens to provide a simple visualization of your process.

OPC Server

The OPC® Server can connect to remote instrumentation via the internet and read and write values to supervisory packages such as Wonderware® or LabVIEW™.

  • OPC Data Access 2 server

  • Modbus TCP to Modbus serial gateway

  • Remote PC access internet/intranet to Eurotherm iTools OPC server

  • Automatic network scanning and device detection

  • Can integrate any Modbus RTU communicating device

  • Includes advanced communication diagnostic and monitoring tools

Following options via a software code:

  • Open OPC Server for use by 3rd party software

  • Trends enabled (OPC Scope)

  • View builder

  • Standalone setpoint programmer editor

  • Foreign language support



  • Configuration wizards step the user through pages to aid configuration of a number of Eurotherm controllers

  • Graphical wiring editor - simple ‘Drag & Drop’ wiring

  • Pre-configured function blocks

  • Access to real time monitoring

  • Cloning - existing instrument configurations can be cloned to other devices

  • Terminal wiring visualisation - termination display that automatically updates to reflect the current instrument setup

  • Data logging and trending

  • OPC client to provide trend and view live data

  • Scalable time axis 1 min to 1 month

  • Setpoint program editor - simple setup of setpoint profiles

  • Store, retrieve and download program files

  • Unlimited program storage

  • Online and offline editing

  • Device and watch recipe editor

  • Configure a recipe parameter list

  • Monitor any parameter

  • OPC Server

  • View Builder/ Runner

  • Remote connection


To install Eurotherm iTools click on the link below to download the setup program to a temporary directory and select run.

It is recommended to close all other applications before running this setup program and you must have Administrative rights to properly install Eurotherm iTools.

To view the relese notes for the latest version of Eurotherm iTools click here.

NOTE: You are strongly advised to UNINSTALL any version of Eurotherm iTools prior to E4.40, before installing Eurotherm iTools.