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Since the early 70's, Solid State Relays have been the standard in switching technology, due to their high switching frequency, resistance to shock and vibration and superior lifetime. Continental Industries began actively pursuing market growth in 1984. The company’s corporate office, research and development, and manufacturing facilities are located in multiple facilities throughout the USA, Canada and Europe.

Continental Industries is a part of Eurotherm Inc. Over 75% of the company’s business is in controls and automation with products ranging from advanced computer systems for industrial plant automation, to building environmental controls and to electronic devices found in many domestic and commercial appliances.

Benefits of Continental’s Solid State Relays

Long Life Reliability

When properly used, a Solid State Relay (SSR) provides a high degree of reliability, long life and reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI), together with fast response and high vibration resistance, as compared to an electromechanical relay (EMR). An SSR offers all the inherent advantages of solid state circuitry, including consistency of operation and a typically longer usable lifetime. This is possible because the SSR has no moving parts to wear out or arcing contacts to deteriorate, which are primary causes of failure of an electromechanical relay. When properly applied, an SSR will have a normal life expectancy of many millions of operations, 10–1000 times more than most electromechanical relays. SSRs also have environmental advantages compared to mercury contactors.

Fast Switching

Solid state relays can switch up to 120 times per second, much faster than any electromechanical relay. When used in heating applications, fast cycling can dramatically improve the life of the heater by reducing thermal stress.

Low Input Power Required

SSRs allow the switching of large loads via ultra-sensitive input power. A low level logic signal (TTL) can activate a switch for as much as 100 Amps.

Quiet Operation

Completely quiet switching, beneficial in medical applications, environmental controls or other areas where quiet operation is desirable. Zero-crossing control also means low electrical noise when used near computers, PLC™s, SCADA systems, or other factory automation control systems.

Relay Packaging

Continental Industries is an industry leader in product innovation. We were the first company in the U.S. to produce and market a fully integrated DIN Rail mountable solid state relay with heat sink.  We have proven that leadership again with the introduction of the SV family of SSRs that include the Superior Surge Survival™ technology.

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